• How expansive is this market in the United States?

    (Here are the key numbers every brand and company needs to pay attention to)

    260+ Million

    Caregivers, Family, Support Community

    65+ Million

    People With Disabilities (varying vision, hearing, cognition, and mobility challenges)

    46+ Million

    65+ Population (fastest growing demographic on the planet)

    $5.5 Trillion

    (30% total US GDP)

    Combined Annual Discretionary Spending by These Groups

  • What We Can Offer You

    What once seemed a niche market is now the next big thing.

    Full-Service Creative

    What story are you telling the market?

    • We have an in-house, full-service agency ready to step in and provide support in everything from content creation to social management, web design to campaign development and execution, marketing, SEM+SEO, branding, environments, events, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

    Human Resources Strategy + Solutions

    What story are you telling with your team?

    • Your employee manual can cover a lot of ground, but in our ever-shifting world, you simply can't plan for every scenario on paper. Our team can help you evolve what's on paper, but go beyond the manual to create a more open workplace for caregivers/self-advocates to become a safe, welcoming, flourishing environment for employees to live well and work well.


    What story are you writing for the future?

    • Chances are, a large number of your employee and customer populations are either living with disability or connected to someone who is. Putting foundational, cultural shifts in place now will create new paths for making sure you stay ahead on this market. Do you know which employees and customers are in these categories? Do you have the most effective messaging, methodology, and best practices in place to engage and support them? Is your company helping them thrive or merely survive? We're here to help you answer these questions, and recalibrate where its needed most.
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